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Audio amplifiers

Porsche 997/Boxster/Cayman ASK amplifier M490 repairs

ASK amp and test bench

The Sound Package Plus amplifier (Option code M490) is known to fail, either by no power-on, or by a very loud hiss or rumbling in the bass/woofer door speakers. This amp is made by the italian company ASK.

The faults are caused by several internal design flaws, and we have extensive experience in repairing these amplifiers. The job include changing several internal components as well as modifications to the inner circuits to prevent it from failing again. We offer 5 years warranty on the repair and one-day turn-around time. Porsche part # 99764533101, (997.645.331.01) 99764533200, (997.645.332.00) Cabrio 99764533202 (997.645.332.02) or 98764533101 (987.645.331.01) The amp can also have these ASK production numbers: 7204112002 – 02, 7204110001 – 02, 7204111000 – 12.

The repair has a fixed price of 100 Euro plus return shipping. We use DHL Express (2-3 days delivery time worldwide) for the return shipment, and the price is about EUR25 to Europe, EUR 30 to the US, and about 42 to Asia and Australia. The price depends on the recipient location. A 4% Paypal transfer fee will be added if we use this as payment method.

Click here to download our shipping instructions, labels, service terms and fault finding tips.

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Porsche 993 Nokia Hi-Fi amplifier

Test bench for the Nokia-made Hi-Fi (option code M490) amplifier.